About Shevelle McPherson

I am passionate about helping women leverage and launch businesses they love.

I know what it feels like to be stuck in a career that no longer serves you. I was once a teenage mom and I vowed early on to create a better life for my son. I was determined to beat the odds and I did. I worked hard, finished high school, college and law school. I then became a Prosecutor for the City of Philadelphia. After several years, I left to enter the world of entrepreneurship. I quickly rose to the ranks of top 100 National Trial Lawyers and received many accolades. I was living the American dream: I had a beautiful family, house and career and my firm had expanded into 3 locations. But several years into private practice I felt a different calling. I had written a book that became a number one best seller and began traveling the world speaking to women entrepreneurs. I began noticing a pattern among these women. Many felt trapped in careers, jobs and businesses that were becoming unfulfilling. Others were dreaming of someday starting a business but were stuck in the “how”. These women all wanted MORE. I heard their cries and my coaching business was born. In the first year I generated 6-figures in income, in less than 12 months as a side hustle that I LOVED. I decided to go all in – this was my true calling. I packaged all of the intellect I had gathered from years of education, training and experience into a proven system and began coaching women entrepreneurs, and those aspiring to be entrepreneurs, all over the world on how to leverage their intellect and launch a successful business just like I did. Supporting career women in transition and entrepreneurs starting, growing and scaling a business is what truly brings me joy. What intellect are you sitting on that can bring you joy, income and make a huge difference in the world? The world is waiting – It’s YOUR TIME to leverage and launch your intellect.


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